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Matt Says: Check Out My 5 Favorite YouTube Channels

Posted by Matt McMurray on Jun 1, 2016 9:30:00 AM

Expedition Overland:

Clay Croft and the crew at Expedition Overland go on expeditions to the most remote parts of the world and document the journey in a YouTube series. They have been to Alaska and the Yukon Territory and well as Mexico and Central America. This is probably my favorite of the 5-plus YouTube channels I watch. Their content is very professionally produced so it takes a long time for new content to pop up plus I think they have regular jobs so they have to save up and plan their expeditions carefully. If you start watching them, I promise you wont stop.

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Winter - Such As It Was - Is Over!

Get your vehicle ready for spring.

Spring in the New River Valley means hiking, brewery and winery tours, camping, golf, road trips, and more. Each of those activities has one thing in common - you need your car to be in good shape to get you there. Even as uneventful as this winter was, don't underestimate the long term effects of colder temperatures and occasional slush on your car. Let us help you get your car ready for the road.

Roadtrip Checklist:

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